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  • American Style Fridge...

    Made popular in the United States, side by side fridge freezers offer more space for your food and more wow factor for your home. They?re also known as American style models. Our range of American style fridge freezers includes models from great brands like Samsung, LG and more. Find exactly what you?re looking for today.

    Style and Space

    These fridge freezers look great. We have a fantastic range of colours and styles, which means side by side models can become the centrepiece of your kitchen.

    As the doors are typically narrower than conventional fridge freezers, they are a great option for houses with awkwardly shaped rooms. Fully open the fridge without blocking off part of your kitchen.

    Narrower doors don?t mean a smaller appliance. Our side by side fridge freezers offer more storage space than traditional appliances, letting you take advantage of special offers and stock up with more of what you love.

    Convenient Design

    All our side by side models come with plenty of shelving, allowing you to arrange all your chilled and frozen produce exactly as you want it. Many also have a variety of different storage areas, such as bottle racks, so you can keep everything safe and secure.

    Enjoy full height doors that give you plenty of storage space for regularly used items.

    A downside of top-and-bottom models is the need to stretch or bend over to reach many of the items in the freezer. With our side by side models, all your favourites can be kept at a comfortable height, from bags of frozen veg to that naughty tub of ice-cream.

    Water, Ice and Frost

    Lots of American style fridge freezers come with built-in water and ice dispensers. Avoid queues at the sink and take advantage of freshly filtered water at the push of a button, or chill your drinks in summer quickly and easily.

    Look out for models that are frost free or have auto defrost technology, as these take the hassle out of keeping the appliance working as it should.

  • Fridge Freezers

    We are a nation of food lovers. Whether you enjoy the very British cottage pie, an Italian spaghetti carbonara, or the French classic duck a l?Orange, we are at our happiest when we?ve been fed.?With such a passion for food, it?s important to have an appliance that will easily store a variety of different food items. When it comes to?chilling?and?freezing food, we have a number of appliances that are perfect for your every day needs.

    Fridge freezers

    If you?re looking for the ability to store frozen food and chilled items simultaneously, then why not save yourself space and money by purchasing a?fridge freezer? These are perfect for families who want everything in one place. We have products that have an antibacterial system, are frost free and some that come with their very own ice cube trays.

    Larder fridges

    Even if you have a smaller than average kitchen, there?s no need to miss out on great quality. We have a range of?larder fridges?that are small enough to simply slide under your kitchen counter, but spacious enough inside to store a range of goods.

    Chest freezers

    These are perfect for households which tend to store a lot of frozen food. They are extremely spacious because they are not limited by shelves. With no separators,?chest freezers?can easily store those bulkier items, such as your large Christmas goose.


    Our freezers are perfect for storing delicious treats such as that luxurious chocolate chip ice cream. We have?freezers?for all sized kitchens, including undercounter models.

    Our freezers, larder fridges, chest freezers and fridge freezers are made by a number of well-known brands, including Blomberg, Zanussi and Lec. Most products also come with a guarantee so you can have complete peace of mind when placing your order.

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  • Freezers

    Whether you prefer to cook with fresh or frozen food, freezers are essential appliances in today's fast paced modern society. Lending convenience to your lifestyle by giving you food on hand when you need it and that can help a family to budget by freezing food and making meals go further. We?ve got a fantastic range of freestanding models to suit all homes, all needs, and all budgets.

    Under Counter Freezers

    As one of the most popular types of freezer on the market, under counter models are a great choice for all kitchens. A variety of transparent drawers make it easy to keep desserts, meat, vegetables and ready meals separate, whilst the handy ice trays are perfect for getting those quick few cubes to keep your beverage cool.

    Under counter freezers?are compact in size making them ideal for kitchenettes and utility rooms. Our leading freezer manufacturers develop flexible solutions to maximise your storage, and many models have large capacities.

    Freezer Features

    - Defrosting the freezer is a task we all dread and put off. Luckily, many of our handpicked freezers are frost free and have high four star ratings, so you can freeze and store fresh food for up to twelve months.??

    - Fast freeze settings ensure fresh foods retain more of their nutrients. The feature also stops any textures changing in items such as bread.

    - A+ energy ratings mean you can keep your freezer switched on all year round without worrying about your carbon footprint or utility bills.

    - Anti bacterial systems keep your goods fresh for long periods of time and also keep the freezer compartments hygienically clean, so you only need to give your model a quick wipe down around once a month.

    We also supply tall freezers for big families and those who keep large amounts of frozen food. With loads of drawers and around 200 litres of capacity, stocking the freezer for Christmas is quick and painless.

    All our freezers come with a parts and labour guarantee and can be installed by one of our experienced, friendly technicians.?

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