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  • Washing Machines

    For many, washing laundry is a daily occurrence.?So why not make life that little bit easier and choose a washing machine with all the right features for your home? We offer a wide selection of washing machines from top manufacturers, including Zanussi, Blomberg and Bosch, who develop their home appliances to save you time and money.

    Energy Efficient Washing Machines

    Many of our manufacturers are environmentally responsible companies, committed to helping you protect the planet and ?go green?. With the latest water and energy saving technology, you can give that discoloured blanket or mucky dog cushion a thorough deep clean without worrying about the electricity bill.

    Virtually all machines we stock have an energy rating of A or above, helping to lower your carbon footprint and those dreaded bills.

    Washing Machine Features

    With around 15 ? 30 wash programmes to choose from, you?re sure to find the right cycle for your family.

    - Hand wash programmes are great for those with lots of delicate items and clothing with the hand wash label. Forget washing your bikini or cashmere jumper in the sink, this specialist cycle gently cleans and cares for your finest garments.

    - Fast spin settings mean clothes are no longer soaking wet once the cycle has finished, dramatically cutting that lengthy drying time. Start delay settings also enable you to program the cycle to begin at a certain time of day, a great feature for those with busy lifestyles.

    - Quick washes are perfect for those with busy work schedules and many models can freshen up your clothes in just 30 minutes.

    - Half load settings are excellent for those occasions when you?ve only got a few garments to wash.

    All our washing machines are built to last, but to give you total peace of mind we include parts and labour guarantees on many models.

  • Tumble Dryers

    We?ve all been there; your washing machine has just finished a cycle and you now have a load of laundry that needs drying. You carry it to your back door, only to see that it?s raining cats and dogs. What do you do with your damp laundry? Whilst there?s nothing we can do to control the weather (sorry about that), we can help with your drying. We have a range of?tumble dryers?that guarantee to dry your clothes fast and efficiently, no matter how bad the weather is.

    We have chosen only the best quality appliances from trusted brand manufacturers. With well known names such as Hotpoint and Zanussi, how can you go wrong?

    Our tumble dryers have a number of programmes allowing you to dry different materials safely, without worrying about them shrinking to the size of a postage stamp.

    Each appliance has the ability to dry a certain capacity of laundry and we have listed this information for you within the product details. If you live alone or as a couple, it?s likely that you don?t require a machine that will take a huge load. In which case, an appliance with a smaller capacity will suit you perfectly. Alternatively, if you have a large family and regularly wash large quantities of clothes and bedding, you should choose an appliance with a larger capacity. This will also save you money on your energy bills as, the more you can place in the machine, the less frequently you will need to use it.

    Condenser Dryers

    And for those who have limited space, never fear, as we have a range of?condenser dryers?that will suit you down to the ground. These models have two separate loops meaning they don?t require an external vent. This provides you with more flexibility when placing the model in your home, as you don?t need to position it underneath a window or worry about where to install a vent on your wall.

  • Washer Dryers

    It?s a well known fact that the kitchen is where everyone ends ups at parties, so it?s important to try and maximise your space in any way you can. Appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers take up lots of floor space, and not all of us are lucky enough to have a utility room to keep laundry separate from the party zone.? Therefore it?s a good idea to choose a combined washer dryer, leaving you more space for that mini bar or table and chairs.

    Washer dryers?are great for those with busy lifestyles as you can set the machine to wash and dry a load at certain times of day. Wake up in the morning or come home from work to fresh, warm and dry clothing ready to be put back in the wardrobe.

    Unloading and loading each appliance can be very time consuming, particularly if you have a large family. Avoid those nasty back problems and let the combi machine do the hard work. Having one less appliance is also a major advantage for those who often move homes.

    Washer Dryer Features

    We only stock top brand name products, so you can be sure you?re getting one of the?best washer dryers?on the market. Many models have A energy ratings and eco technology, so you can wash and dry all your clothes, blankets, towels and bed linen for less. ?

    When selecting your washer dryer make sure you check the load capacity details. The average size family needs a capacity of around 6kg, whilst larger families and those who often wash bulky, heavy items should look for an 8kg capacity.

    Combined appliances have all the same great features as separate models, so you can enjoy eco cycles, variable temperatures, handy LED displays, quick washes, effective spinning and high performance washes with whichever option you choose.

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